Requirement: 68 credit hours
Prerequisite: Certificate in Christian Ministry

This non-degree program, designed for those whom God has called to leadership and ministry, helps develop the emerging leader/minister to be able to fulfill his/her leadership or ministry calling. The goals of this program are designed to help students gain a Bible-centric view of ministry based on biblical and theological knowledge which will equip them to effectively communicate the gospel and minister according to their unique mix of gifts, skills, and abilities. Students will also learn to identify mentors who will stimulate them to be life-long learners. See the Catalog, page 26 for more information.

The student who successfully completes this program is granted the Diploma in Bible and Theology.

See Courses Required for Graduation for a list of courses in this program.

All Level Two programs (Diploma in Bible and Theology and the Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology) are comprised of two important elements: Academics and Beyond Academics. While Academics focuses on knowing, Beyond Academics emphasizes doing and being. Both are important in the formation of ministers and leaders.


The Diploma/Degree Program (Level Two) is comprised of 24 academic courses. Each course is four lessons in length. The student studies one course at a time. In addition to the academic studies, the student enrolls in a personalized ministry practicum each semester.


This part of the student’s preparation is totally individualized, because the Holy Spirit has uniquely gifted and called each one for His service. In addition to being part of a small group, each student has a “personal trainer”, i.e., a ministry mentor who comes along side the emerging leader to foster spiritual formation, ministry (skill) formation and strategic (value) formation.

While the academic studies give the student a good foundation of biblical and theological knowledge, Beyond Academics gives him or her a solid base of practical experience for doing the work of the ministry.

With these two important components, Academics and Beyond Academics, INSTE provides the tools needed to do the work of the ministry. Through distance education, the training students need to fulfill the vision God has given them comes to them in a practical and affordable way.

Required Courses

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