Requirement: 8 credit hours
This non-degree certificate program is structured around four crucial discipleship habits: personal devotions, Bible study skills, relationships, and ministry. The major emphasis of this program focuses on the character development of the disciple. Intensive discipleship (being) plus foundational Bible and theological input (knowing) leads to ministry (doing). Each believer has gifts, talents, and skills that are to be used in the Kingdom of God. Through this program, maturing disciples find their places in the Body of Christ, in which they can serve the Lord with joy and effectiveness. Each course in this program takes 16 weeks to complete.

The student who successfully completes this program receives the Certificate in Christian Ministry.


MIN101 Following Jesus in Committed Service: Discipleship 1
THE102 Finding Your Ministry in the Body of Christ: Discipleship 2
BIB103 Discovering Treasures in the Word of God: The Old Testament
BIB104 Exploring the Riches of the Word of God: The New Testament

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