What Is Beyond Academics?

The six courses of Beyond Academics are eminently practical and individualized. In the Diploma/Degree Program (Level 2) each student has a personal ministry mentor who oversees his/her development in three crucial areas: spiritual formation, ministry formation and value formation. Each academic course is accompanied by tracking and assessment evaluations to help guide the relationship between the ministry mentor and the student, as he/she develops Christ-centered integrity, gift-based ability, and Bible-shaped values.

Since each leader or minister-in-formation is uniquely gifted by God, the formation that occurs in these six courses will also be unique to the individual student. The purpose of INSTE is to provide guidance to help the student in this process.

The student is automatically enrolled in Beyond Academics with each academic course. Upon successful completion of the requirements, the student earns 1/2 credit hour of Beyond Academics credit, based on the evaluation of the mentor and the student’s integrative paper in which he/she reflects on his/her Beyond Academics experience in light of the course just completed.

Beyond Academics Manual

Comparing Academics and Beyond Academics

We are placing extra emphasis on Beyond Academics because the tendency is to think that the real training for leadership and ministry has to do only with Academics. However, the two are complementary; we only get half the loaf if we concentrate on one and not the other.
Academics and Beyond Academics need to go hand in hand—parallel learning tracks, if you will, like the two rails of a railroad track—because what one learns academically and puts to use immediately in practical ministry is what most quickly and permanently molds a leader / minister.
Small Group
Group Leader
2 or 3 hours of credit per course
Being and Doing
Ministry Mentor
1/2 hour of credit per course