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INSTE is not like other programs that require the leader to prepare lectures, or be the "sage on the stage." The academic material to be learned in INSTE is in the interactive text. Group meetings are focused on dynamic reflection on the content studied during the week. That is why the major focus in group training is on group interaction.

How To Become A Group Leader

Lead within your local church or online

Application for Certificate Program (Level One) DLT
Application for (Diploma/Degree Program) Level Two DLT

You can train to be a group leader on your schedule with these seven simple steps:

1. Apply for certification training. Download the application form above and submit it by fax/email/mail
2. Study the Group Leader Manual following the five-day plan.
3. Discuss it with a small group of leaders in your church.
4. Take the test proctored by a leader in your church.
5. Receive your certification. See the different levels of certifications below.
6. Talk via phone or e-mail with an INSTE representative who will coach you on how to get started.
7. Recruit and enroll your group using the promotional materials we send you.
Certificate Program (Level One)

-Be a mature Christian
-Through the exercise of discipling gifts such as teaching or exhortation, apply biblical truth to daily life, encourage growth in others, and help disciples discover their giftedness and place of service
-Be willing to dedicate the time and energy necessary to disciple others
-Be approved by the church as a candidate for leading an INSTE group

Diploma/Degree Program (Level Two)

-Certified Certificate Program (Level One) leader with experience leading an INSTE group.
-Graduate of INSTE Level Two or of an accredited Bible College or Seminary
-Demonstrated leadership qualities recognized by your church.

See page 2 of the application form for exceptions and a detailed explanation of these requirements.
The INSTE didactic system is based on small groups facilitated by group leaders.The group leader's major responsibilities include the following:
1. overseeing the spiritual well-being of the group,
2. fostering Christ-like relationships within the group,
3. promoting critical thinking as students analyze with other group members what they studied during the course,
4. leading discussions based on the students' study and experience,
5. proctoring exams and
6. fulfilling the administrative responsibilities related to leading a group.
Certificate Program (Level One)

The $75 application fee (includes shipping) covers:
-Distance Leader Training Manual
-An interactive INSTE text
-The examination and certification

Applicants may purchase the other three books of the Certificate Program (Level One) at a discounted price at the time of the application.

Diploma/Degree Program (Level Two)

The $55 application fee (includes shipping) includes:
-Distance Leader Training Manual
-One Diploma/Degree Program (Level Two) Text
-The Examination and Certification

Applicants may purchase the other three books for the first semester of the Diploma/Degree Program (Level Two) at a 60% discount at the time of the application.