Requirement: 65 hours
(50 hours plus 15 transferred hours)
Prerequisites: Certificate in Christian Ministry and at least 15 hours of transferred credit

This program is designed specifically for those called to ministry who desire degree-level preparation for lay ministry. After completing the Certificate Program, students must complete 12 more INSTE courses in addition to their transferred credit in order to obtain this degree. Please click here to see a brochure with more information about this program.


Through this program, INSTE proposes to:
1. Provide degree-level Bible, theology and ministry preparation for lay ministers who will serve in a variety of positions in church and parachurch organizations.
2. Prepare workers in the marketplace for effective Christian witness.
3. Provide an intermediary degree for those called to ministry whose goal is to be life-long learners.

General Education (15 transferred credit hours)
The student must transfer a total of 15 semester hours in general education from a properly accredited college or university. A minimum of 2/3 of the General Education requirements must be fulfilled prior to admission to the program. The pending 1/3 of General Education courses must be completed 1 year after admission for the Associate of Arts.

Humanities and Arts 3-9 hours*
Math and Natural Sciences 3-9 hours*
Social and Behavioral Sciences 3-9 hours*

*A minimum of three hours in each division


The student will purchase the books assigned as collateral reading listed in the Degree Student’s Guide and fulfill the assignments for the INSTE courses in which he/she enrolls.

Required Courses

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