Requirement: 128 credit hours
Prerequisites: Diploma in Bible and Theology
36 hours of transferred credit*

To be admitted to the degree program, the applicant must have the proper number and kind of transfer credits at the time of application for admission. Students who do not have all the necessary transfer credits at the time they enroll in the Diploma/Degree Program are encouraged to enroll in the Diploma Program, and after they graduate, enroll in this Degree Upgrade program.

The Upgrade program also provides an alternate route to the degree. Instead of simultaneously fulfilling the requirements for the degree, the student may elect to complete the Diploma Program and then enroll for the Upgrade program to complete the requirements for the degree.

This program, based on an independent study format, is individualized to upgrade the diploma graduate to the standards established for the degree. This program is now available online! The year-long program involves review, reading and writing assignments following the program syllabus. The student is required to purchase books for collateral reading assignments. Please see the Degree Student's Guide for more information about collateral reading.

*Humanities and Arts 6-24 hours
Math and Natural Sciences 6-24 hours
Social and Behavioral Sciences 6-24 hours**

The student who successfully completes this program is granted the Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology.
**INSTE determines the transferability of the courses. A minimum of 6 credit hours must be in each discipline. The total number of credit hours must add up to 36 semester hours.