This new non-degree program is available to students who have completed their Certificate in Christian Ministry (Level One). The Program consists of half the courses from the Diploma/BA Degree Program. Please read below for more details about the program.

Requirement: 38 hours

This program is designed for laypersons desiring to continue their preparation for Christian witness in the marketplace and for lay leadership in the local church. The Advanced Certificate provides a short program for those who cannot commit to the full diploma program at the time of enrollment. It parallels the Associate of Arts program but at a non-degree level.


Through this program, INSTE proposes to:
● Provide robust non-degree Bible, theology and ministry preparation for those who will serve in lay leadership in the local church.
● Prepare laypersons for effective Christian witness in the marketplace so they can share their faith with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15).
● Provide an intermediary certificate for those called to service in the local church as they continue their studies.

Therefore, the student who successfully completes this program will be able to do the following:
● Demonstrate a growing ability to use the Word of God effectively in lay ministry.
● Effectively give Christian witness to those who ask for a reason for the hope they have.
● Continue to grow in knowledge and ministry throughout his or her lifetime.


The courses listed in the link to the right of this page are required for both the Advanced Certificate in Bible and Theology as well as the degree program, Associate of Arts in Bible and Theology. The difference between the two lies in the inclusion of collateral reading and writing in the degree program for which the student receives an additional hour of credit for each course.

Students who choose to earn their Advanced Certificate in Bible and Theology may study with students who plan to earn the Diploma, AA, or BA in Bible and Theology. After students complete the Advanced Certificate in Bible and Theology, they may go on to earn their Diploma in Bible and Theology or they may upgrade their Advanced Certificate to an AA in Bible and Theology. Students in the Advanced Certificate in Bible and Theology Program pay the same price as students seeking the Diploma in Bible and Theology.

Required Courses

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