Requirements for admission to the Certificate Program include being a born-again believer, faithfulness in attendance and service to his/her local church and at least 16 years old. INSTE does not require a secondary education diploma for enrollment in the Certificate Program. However, to be able to benefit from these studies, the applicant to the Certificate Program must be able to read and comprehend the INSTE courses. The signature of the pastor or group leader certifies that the applicant fulfills the above requirements for study.


Admission to the Diploma/Degree Program is dependent on successful completion of the Certificate Program. In some cases, a person who does not have a high school diploma, but has shown his/her ability to benefit from INSTE studies, and fulfills the requisites listed below, will be admitted to the Diploma Program. This policy is based on the belief that God equips persons for leadership by gifting them, and that success in the Diploma Program can be predicated on the student's progress in the Certificate Program.


The person who has the requisite college credits may apply for admission to the degree program. The candidate for admission must fulfill all requirements for admission to the Diploma Program.


A certain number of credits may be transferred for courses studied in an appropriately accredited college or university. An official transcript must be sent directly to INSTE from the institution in which that credit was earned. Maximum Credit Accepted. The maximum number of credit hours that can be accepted in transfer toward the certificate program is 6 hours; toward the diploma program 36 hours may be transferred and the total number of credit hours that can be transferred toward the B.A. degree is 96. The minimum study required with INSTE for any diploma or degree is 32 credit hours. Transfer credit is granted only for courses for which a “C” (see the grade scale) or better has been earned. All transfer credit must fit INSTE’s academic program requirements. No course will be substituted for Discipleship 1 (Certificate Program) or Church Leadership (Diploma/Degree Program). INSTE reserves the right to determine whether or not it will accept transfer credits from another academic institution.
College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). INSTE accepts up to 32 credits for examinations of the nationally administered College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Students wishing to transfer CLEP credit must earn scores recommended by the American Council on Education.
Beyond Academics. Credit may be given for adequately documented and validated experiential learning equivalent to that described in the Beyond Academics manual. Determination of the amount of credit awarded is based on a review of the student’s Ministry Portfolio. Instructions for the completion of the Portfolio can be found in the Beyond Academics manual. In no case will the award of experiential credit exceed the 12 credits required for Beyond Academics, nor will experiential credit substitute for academic courses required by INSTE.
Transfer Credits to Other Institutions. Although INSTE is accredited by DEAC and many colleges and universities accept our credits, the transfer of academic credits to any institution is determined by the receiving institution. The student who plans to transfer credits is advised to check with the receiving institution.