Inste Bible College’s programs provide a ladder approach to ministry training and leadership development.


The Certificate in Christian Ministry program consists of four entry-level courses focused on discipleship skills which are foundational for ministry and leadership. This program is ideal for all believers who desire systematic, growth-inducing Bible training. The NEW Advanced Certificate in Bible and Theology program, consisting of an additional 15 courses, is designed for lay ministry and leadership in the Body of Christ. Another 15 courses lead to the Diploma in Bible and Theology. This program provides robust non-degree training for church ministry both in service and leadership. For many graduates, this is a path toward ministerial credentials.


While the three non-degree programs provide baseline training for ministry and leadership, additional reading and writing requirements raise these programs to degree-level studies. The degree programs also require transfer credit in general education. The program, Associate of Arts in Bible and Theology, mirrors the Advanced Certificate program at the degree-level. In the same way, the Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology program mirrors the Diploma program at the degree-level. The Upgrade to a Degree program provides a sequential path to one of the above degrees. Students with challenges of time or finances may choose to enroll in the Advanced Certificate or Diploma Program and after finishing that program, enroll in the Upgrade to a Degree program to complete the additional degree requirements for the desired degree.