Dr. Nicholas A. Venditti - President
What makes INSTE unique? First of all, it is both portable and affordable. No matter the size of the church, INSTE is a fit. All that is needed to get started is a mature, dedicated leader called to make disciples, whom INSTE trains through a short leader-training program right where he or she is. INSTE supplies the materials - books and tests included - a support system for the group leader, plus records and recognition for the courses studied.

INSTE is affordable. A person can study all five years in INSTE for less than it would cost for one semester at a traditional Bible College. Furthermore, INSTE comes to the local church, so Bible college training is available to all.

Secondly, INSTE's methodology sets it apart. Most formal educational systems today are based on the Greek didactic model revolving around a lecture. INSTE's model is based on relationships, a Hebrew model that incorporates learning into the life rhythm of the church and learner.

Thirdly, INSTE is not just church-housed, it is church-based. Our mission statement is clear:

INSTE exists to train and educate the people of God
in discipleship, ministry and leadership
for the accomplishment of the Great Commission
through excellent and affordable distance learning.

INSTE is a mission facilitator. Every church has a unique calling to fulfill, so INSTE stimulates the growth of "stem cells" in the church that become the mature disciples and Bible-centered leaders that help the local church fulfill its unique mission. Thus no two INSTE groups are alike, because the gifting and calling of the individuals in those groups are at the direction of the Holy Spirit.
It is important to note also that INSTE does not prepare leaders for the church; it prepares the leaders of the church. The preposition is important. God makes leaders by gifting them. The leaders are already there; INSTE equips the called.